Modeling of landscape at different levels (e.g. green roof and ground level landscape) of urban environment

Hi there, I am currently preparing the LULC raster for the UFRM and USR models. For our site, there are ground level landscape, green roof at rooftop as well as a landscape deck on the second level, and I want to monitor the contribution of all these landscape elements in reducing the runoff.

So, I am wondering how does urban InVEST models account for landscape at different level (e.g. green roof, ground level landscape)? And in the preparation of the LULC raster, should I combine the ground level landscape and landscape deck on the second level to run in the model?

Thank you!

Hi @ShLo ,

Thanks for posting your question.

InVEST is agnostic to the classifications of LULC input rasters and associated parameters in biophysical table inputs. That is, you can customize your LULC however you best see fit. Just be sure to populate your biophysical tables carefully so as to properly represent each class. Make sure that all the classes in the LULC are also included in the biophysical table and vice versa. InVEST will resample raster results to match the resolution of the LULC input map. More details can be found in the InVEST User Guide.

I hope this answers your questions.