LS factor: what should be the maximum theoretical value?

Dear the InVEST developers, my LS factor generated in InVEST ranges from 0.03 to 3176.09. Is the maximum value or 3176.09 okay to proceed? what would be the maximum theoretical value of LS factor? . is there any probability to get this much LS factor ? thank you so much for your time

Hi @Eshetu , you might find some useful info in this thread: Calculated LS factor seems too high in SDR model

As noted in that thread, there were changes to the LS calculations in recent versions of invest, which have since been released. If you have follow-up questions, please be sure to mention the version of invest you are using. Uploading the logfile is the best way to do that.


Thank you for your reply. I used InVEST 3.13, the latest version during my experment.of concourse, 3.14 is released now. I will try it if there is any change on LS result.