No output when running the NDR model

Hello,When I use In VEST3.7 to run the Nutrient Delivery Ratio model module, an error occurs and displays RuntimeError: In Task: align rasters (1)
Missing expected target path results.
Expected: [u’c:\\users\\lenovo\\desktop\\2000\\intermediate_outputs\\cache_dir\\aligned_dem.tif’, u’c:\\users\\lenovo\\desktop\\2000\\ intermediate_outputs\\cache_dir\\aligned_lulc.tif’, u’c:\\users\\lenovo\\desktop\\2000\\intermediate_outputs\\cache_dir\\aligned_runoff_proxy.tif’]
Observed: set([])InVEST-Nutrient-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(NDR)-log-2020-07-06–07_07_07.txt (3.4 KB) .
Thanks for the help.

Hi @YoulongYan,

Thanks for posting and providing the log file. Do you think you could download and try the latest version of InVEST

Looking at your logfile it also appears that you input ws.shx for your watershed path. Could you input the Shapefile instead, it should be ws.shp.

Let us know if these two things help and if not we continue to help you debug.