No valid pixels were received. statistics have not been calculated

Hi, When I run SDR model, it gives "No valid pixels were received. and also, when i open my results in Arc map, it shows that “statistics have not been calculated”. Pls help me.Thank You…

Hi @Maheshi, and welcome to the forum.

Any time that you’re having problems running the model, please post the log file (.txt) that the model produces in your Workspace. That might have more information for us to work with.

It is not unusual for ArcGIS to say that statistics have not been calculated on a raster. Usually, if you use the Calculate Statistics tool it will fix that. If it does not, then there’s probably an issue with the raster’s data, and we’ll need to figure out what that is by looking at the log file first, then possibly your input data, if the log file doesn’t provide enough information.

~ Stacie

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