Nodata in SWY model baseflow (B) output but not others

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I am running the SWY model and there are areas of nodata in the baseflow (B) output. However, in the same areas local recharge (L) and and quickflow (QF) do have output values. How is this possible? I thought it might be connected to the fact that this is in a coastal area and some of these pixels may not drain into the stream network, but this does not seem to explain all the missing values.

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I checked all the raster inputs to the model and they do not have nodata in the problem areas.

Attach the logfile here

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Hey @adrianvogl,

Thanks for posting this here. @esoth could this be related to this PR you were working on? It might not be.

@adrianvogl would you be able to share the data you’re working with so we can have something to test against?

More soon!


It’s very likely related to the known issues with SWY, but I’d need to see the data to confirm exactly what’s going on.

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Hi, thanks for the quick response. @dcdenu4 we just sent you a link to the data.

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