Seasonal Water Yield - Strange Baseflow Values

Hello everyone! I’m runing the SWY model in the 3.12.1 InVest Version. I’m working in Córdoba a region located in central Argentina, the southern portion of the Chaco forests. The model runs ok, without warning messages, but when I open the results I’m seeing strange things in the rasters of baseflow (B_suffix) and local recharge (L_suffix). In the baseflow raster I obtained higher values in the urban, bare soil and crops areas. And in the areas with natural vegetation as forests, shrublands and natural grasslands (when I supose that I should get higher values) I obtain zero values. The same with de layer of local recharge. Positive values in urban areas, in crops near zero (but not zero), and in areas of natural vegetation always zero.
On the other hand, the layer of quickflow looks good, with higher values of quick flow in the areas with high slope and in urban and crop areas.
I had already check the data, so I don’t know if there is something i’m missing or doing wrong.
I appreciate any help you could give me.


Hello @Julieta_A , welcome to the forums, and I’m sorry for the delay!

It’s difficult to say for certain what is happening here without taking a look at your data. If you are still experiencing issues with the model, could you share your data here using a file sharing service like google drive so we can take a closer look? It would also be helpful if you could include your logfile.

Thank you,

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