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Hi team

I have tried using the HRA model and everything in terms of input seems fine but the output is a little confusing. I am supposed to get a rasterized versions of my habitats and stressors and I m not getting that as an output. upon opening it in GIS or on http://marineapps.naturalcapitalproject.org, i can only see a black square with same high and low values.
Also in the output table, all the Min and Max values are same. Such as for creek the values are like- Total Region
C_MEAN 1.6923077
C_MIN 1.6923077
C_MAX 1.6923077
R_MEAN 1.34646523
R_MIN 1.34646523
R_MAX 1.34646523

The error that is coming up-
PermissionError: [WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: ‘D:/PhD/habitat risk
logfile.txt (5.6 KB)

PFA the logfile.

Also help me understanding what is an Area of Interest.

I hope I have explained my query fine.


RECLASS_RISK_bay_2.tif (1.8 KB)
RECLASS_RISK_bay_2.tif (1.8 KB)
RECLASS_RISK_Ecosystem_2.tif (1.8 KB)
RECLASS_RISK_bay_2.tif (1.8 KB)
RECLASS_RISK_mangrove_2.tif (1.8 KB)

Hi @pallavi,

I see that you’re using InVEST 3.11. Would you mind downloading the latest version of InVEST (3.14.0) and trying that? I’m not sure it’ll fix the errors you are seeing but we’ve made improvements to the model, so it’d be good to start from the latest.

An “Area of Interest” (AOI) in InVEST is typically a polygon shapefile that defines the research or project area. Usually, other inputs are clipped and masked to that AOI to help reduce unnecessary calculations and highlight the area of focus.



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