HRA Blank Output File

I’m attempting to run the HRA model, and upon a couple of attempts with different resolutions (10 and 500) the output files are created with nothing within them.

I’ve attached the log file, and input files for some help.
InVEST-Habitat-Risk-Assessment-log-2022-04-12–15_34_43.txt (286.6 KB)
exposure_consequence_criteria_v2.csv (5.9 KB)
habitat_stressor_info_v2.csv (1.3 KB)

I dont know if its worth a mention - but when comparing the log file from the sample data and my data, the overlap data frame looks like the habitats aren’t being compared to the stressors.


@Amy1 thanks for including your logfile and input tables!

For sure worth a mention, thanks! There’s a separate issue as well, which is that it looks like the model isn’t detecting that there are any habitats at all. We would expect to not see any WARNING No valid pixels were received, sending None errors if there were even a single detected habitat pixel.

If you take a look at the aligned_*.tif rasters, do they look like what you would expect? They should just be rasterized versions of your habitats and stressors, aligned to your target pixel size.

Either way, could you share your inputs with me ( so I can take a look?