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Sir,I have doubts about Blue carbon model. How do the output values of carbon stock or accumulation per hectare (or per pixel) increase or decrease with time?Due to the increase in C stock/ha, even if there is a net loss of blue carbon area, the Total net carbon sequestration rate does not change much (or remain positive).?
And also for the estimation of past carbon stock, can I make the current year the base year?


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Have you looked at the How it Works section of the User Guide to see how the model calculates stock and accumulation? Stock and sequestration are calculated per pixel, based on the carbon pool and accumulation rate values you provide, so are not dependent on the total area of any particular land cover type.

The baseline year can be any year you choose. Then the snapshot years will be after the baseline year, since it is calculating annual accumulation and emission over time.

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I run the coastal blue carbon model successfully. But I have certain doubt in the carbon stock.
For this model I only consider Mangroves for the years 1993 2003 2013 2022.
At first I run the model with baseline year and first transition year 2003. In the 2003 there is some loss( 10%)of the mangrove area. In the intermediate folder shows that, there is emission from soil and biomass in 2003. But there is no carbon emission between 1993 and 2003.Even if I change the disturbance ratio there is no change in the carbon stock for 2003. So how could I interpret my result. I am a beginner in this InVEST model. I hereby upload my input tables and log file.
Snap_shot.csv (217 Bytes)
aligned_lulc_2003_10993.zip (3.2 MB)
Lookup_table.csv (275 Bytes)
carbon_biophysical_table_template.csv (855 Bytes)
carbon_pool_transition_template.csv (859 Bytes)
InVEST-natcap.invest.coastal_blue_carbon.coastal_blue_carbon-log-2023-08-19–13_12_51.txt (35.1 KB)


Hi @Sreelekshmi -

Thanks for posting your inputs. I think I know what’s happening, and would like the software team to correct me if I’m not interpreting the model correctly.

When you provide snapshot years, the model starts with the baseline year (1993) and accumulates carbon until the next snapshot year (2003). You can see this accumulation as larger values in the carbon stock model results. The value pattern remains the same (because no transition occurs), but the values increase. Then in 2003 there is a change in some of the land cover pixels, but I think that the emission calculation will only start showing up in the next year (2004).

So if you run years 1993, 2003 and 2013 all in one model run, you should see both accumulation and emissions in the 2013 result. As another way to test this, run only 1993 and 2003 with an “Analysis year” of 2010. That way you’ll see the accumulation/emissions after 2003, without the complication of the 2013 snapshot.

~ Stacie

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In this Blue carbon model valuation part, there is an input" interest rate". It is the annual increase in the price of CO2 E. Can you explain what is this mean?

Thankyou for your reply

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