Please help me understand the operational requirements of the SDR model

Hello, I am confused in the process of using the SDR model. Do you need a separate layer input for the soil erosion data (K) required by the model, or do you just need a layers with K values listed in the property list?

Does the model automatically use the K value field in the layer property table?


Hi @Cs_qzl, and welcome to the forum.

As noted in the User Guide, the soil erodibility (K) layer is a raster with K values. The model only uses the values in the default “Value” field of the raster, it does not use any other field in the raster attribute table. So if you have a layer where the K values are in some other field, you’ll need to create a new layer where the K values are the raster’s default Value. If you’re using ArcGIS (which I’m guessing you are, if you’re working with raster attribute tables), you can do this with the tool Spatial Analyst → Reclass → Lookup.

Also a reminder that we provide sample data with each model, so you can see how the inputs are formatted.

~ Stacie


Thank you very much for solving my confusion.
Best wishes for you!

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