Pollination module on mac?

I can run these files (see attached), just fine on a PC. But a colleague of mine tried the exact same files on a mac and the output was not constrained to 0-1 (it was -50K to 0 or something like that). Does the module work on a mac?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

It seems the upload didn’t work.
Trying again from a google drive (as a zipped folder): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jYkbq-PWVlXi3Oibni7HlKkdkQuYKC7a/view?usp=sharing
The Chi_Data contains the files I used as input. The other folder contains the output (on a PC - so that may not help you. I don’t have the mac output but it should be easy to reproduce).
Thank you again.

Thanks for sharing your data. I was able to reproduce these unexpected values on a Mac (and the expected values on Windows), so this seems like a bug. We’ll add it to our issue tracker, and report back here when we have a resolution.

Well we’re in luck. This is no longer an issue on a more recent Mac development build. Here’s one created recently that I have tested with your data. All values from 0-1 as expected.


Wow. Awesome, Thank you!