Reference Air Temperature and UHI magnitude Urban Cooling Model

I have a question regarding the parameter for reference air temperature and the UHI value. As far as I understand the reference air temperature and the UHI value are used to determine the temperature to expect within the urban core. The InVEST User Guide suggest using the Yale Global UHI map, however, as far as I understand that map is calculating the Surface Urban Heat Island effect (SUHI). is it ok to compare a reference air temperature with a surface UHI effect? for my study area, I cannot find meteorological stations where I could calculate urban and rural temperatures. In fact, the only meteorological station I can retrieve data from is an airport that is outside of the city but may also give too high values given the impervious setting it is located in. Do you have any recommendations on how to proceed? Would it be ok to compare surface and air temperatures as the User InVEST guide suggests? And is using reference air temperature from an airport in a broader rural setting good enough for reference air temperature in your opinion? Thank you in advance for your advice!

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