Reference evapotranspiration raster data

Hi Everyone,

Do you have any suggestions on where to find raster data representing reference evapotranspiration for the urban cooling model? As area of interest I am working on the coterminous US.

Thank you so much for any suggestions you might have.

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Hi @laura78,
Please check out this section of the user’s guide documentation for the Annual Water Yield model, which also uses a reference evapotranspiration raster. It suggests this database as a source. It also describes how you could calculate the raster yourself using precipitation and temperature data. I hope that helps!



You might also try looking at SSEBop evapotranspiration products since you’re working in the Continental U.S. I believe they mainly have actual evapotranspiration but you may be able to find reference ET there somewhere, and it would probably be better accuracy/resolution than a global product: