Results of investigation in Honduras_

Good evening dear

Some time ago I kindly received a lot of help from this forum for the preparation and completion of my research entitled "Investment Portfolios for the Conservation of Ecosystem Services, Using Geospatial Models, in the Guacerique and Concepción Sub-basins, Central District, Honduras 2019.

Stacie Swolny gave me the help needed for this initial trial in my country in the absence of similar studies and its relevance to the area of study.

For the requirements of my faculty thesis document is extensive, but I share it in case it adds to the cause of all of us.

Eternally grateful to you Stacie Swolny

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Congratulations for completing your thesis, Jainer! And thank you for sharing it with us, it is a valuable addition. We are currently working on a project that includes sediment modeling in part of Honduras, so very relevant, and I will be interested to see how you approached it in your sub-basins, since you surely know the area well by now.

~ Stacie

Of course, I am willing to help you. Let me know how I can help you and what area of my country you are working on.