InVEST version 3.7.0 released today

InVEST turns 3.7.0 today!

Download Windows or Mac installers here:

pip install natcap.invest for python users.

This update contains lots of noteworthy improvements to models. Here are a few highlights:

  • SDR uses new PyGeoprocessing multiflow routing, DEM pit filling, contiguous stream extraction, and TaskGraph integration.
  • Recreation model client uses TaskGraph and the latest PyGeoprocessing (server-side PUD calculations can execute concurrently with client-side predictor data processing!).
  • HRA model completely refactored, TaskGraph integrated, and user-interface simplified. (raster or vector input files are supported - no longer will you wait days for GIS to polygonize your high-res raster before you get to modelin’!)
  • Coastal Vulnerability model refactored, TaskGraph integrated, and user-interface simplified. (shoreline points are plotted directly on the coastline - no more “snapping” necessary)
  • Numerous bugfixes to models including Habitat Quality, Coastal Blue Carbon, Crop Production, RouteDEM,

The latest version of the User’s Guide: