RKLS results from SDR

hi,I have the same problem. Could you check it for me? Thank you
InVEST-natcap.invest.sdr.sdr-log-2024-03-14–19_25_58.txt (154.6 KB)
rkls_20001.tif (2.2 MB)

Hello @Wxx, and welcome to the forum!

I moved this to a new post, since the previous post that it was added to was 2 years old, and not necessarily related.

Thanks for uploading the log file, I don’t see any errors in it, so it appears that the model ran successfully.

Can you provide more detail about your concern with the rkls_20001.tif raster? It’s hard for me to interpret this result without knowing more about your land cover map, and other data that went into it. One thing does appear to be a problem is that this raster has an unknown coordinate system, and the cell size is “0.0125”. This very small cell size causes me to think that the coordinate system of your input data is geographic, not projected. The model requires that all spatial inputs be in the same projected coordinate system, with distances in meters. Please try reprojecting/warping your inputs and see if the results change.

~ Stacie

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