Lack of information on SDR products

Hello colleagues, I am having difficulty calculating the SDR in Invest. I used a use and occupancy map of a recognized platform and the Invest data only identified a third of this information on the maps. I got a coherent variation but it was not spatialized correctly. I did the supervised classification from Qgis and the program also did not meet with its spatialization, this time, the maps were only one color. Any tips on what I’m getting wrong in the process? Thank you.

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Hi @erikaroanna, and welcome to the forum!

It’s great that you’re using a translator, thanks for doing that, and sorry that we don’t speak all of the languages! But it’s still difficult to understand the question, so let’s try to clarify. It sounds like the SDR model is producing results that do not appear correct when compared with your land use/land cover map - is this the problem? If so, it would be useful for you to post an image of your land cover map, along with an image of the model results, so we can see what’s going on.

If that’s not actually the problem, could you try describing it in a different way? Including graphics can help a lot too. Thanks!

~ Stacie

Hi, sorry about the writing. I am not fluent in English and get confused with many words. I will try again.

I am applying SDR for a small basin and my results come out like this figure. It does not spatialize information in the whole raster, only in that area. Can we give me some hints on how to proceed?

Hi @erikaroanna -

Well that is strange. Is there actually valid data in the rest of the raster, but it’s not being drawn in the GIS? Or is there NoData in the rest of the raster?

If there is NoData in the rest of the raster, do all of your input rasters cover the whole watershed? And can you post your log file, in case it has any useful information?

~ Stacie

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