Scenario Generator: Proximity Based

Hello All

I would like to use the Scenario Generator: Proximity Based but I am not sure where to find it. The documentation says:

The model is available as a standalone application accessible from the install directory of InVEST (under the subdirectory invest-3_x86/invest_scenario_gen_proximity.bat).

However, while I can locate this directory, I can’t locate the .bat file within this directory (I did a fresh, new installation).

Thanks very much

Hi @JBAronson, and welcome to the forum!

Do you see the InVEST models in your Windows Start menu? You should be able to launch Scenario Generator from there.

It sounds to me like the User Guide for this model is out of date, and is in need of some attention, sorry about that!

~ Stacie

Thank you! I see it now in the Windows Start Menu.

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