SDR final result

Hello, how are you?
I finished processing the SDR, there are many results that are explained in the model, but I would like to know if it exists or which would be the layer that represents the whole model itself, to write a result that encompasses that.

I hope you could guide and enlighten me with regards to this.

Thank you!


Hola, como estan?
Termine de procesar el SDR, hay muchos resultados que se explican en el modelo, pero quisiera saber si existe o cual seria la capa que represente todo el modelo en si, como para redactar un resultado.

Espero que puedan guiarme, desde ya muchas gracias.


There are two final results which quantify the sediment retention benefit: avoided export (avoided_export.tif) and avoided erosion (avoided_erosion.tif).

See here for details: SDR: Tasa de suministro de sedimentos — documentación de InVEST® -

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Thank you very much for your response, I hope you have a good day :smiley:

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