SDR model : avoided erosion and avoided export

Dear the community, I found that almost all pixel value of “Avoided export” is less than that of “avoided erosion”. However, the user guide said that the Avoided export was considered as total sediment retention, while avoided erosion do not include sediments deposited from up slope.
Therefore, I believe that “Avoided export” should be greater than “avoided erosion”

Hello @Eshetu ,

If most of your avoided export pixel values are less than the pixel values of avoided erosion, then you very likely have small pixel values of SDR_i as well. The key difference between these two outputs is how much sediment actually reaches the stream, which is what avoided export describes. By contrast, avoided erosion only describes local soil loss, and does not indicate anything about how much of that soil lost will actually reach the stream. Both are useful metrics for different use cases.

So to more directly address your question, no, it is very possible that “avoided export” can be less than “avoided erosion” depending on your landscape.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much, dear jems !! my SDR value ranges from 0 to 0.45

Ok great! Then that explains why you are getting the values for avoided export and avoided erosion.

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