SDR model watershed vector format

firstly i would like to say thank you. next i have two questions

  1. how can i prepare the up slope and down slope for my study area for this model.
    2 I need video on calibration and validation of Invest SDR model can you help me…!

please i need your support help me

Hi @Fishbel -

When you say “up slope” and “down slope”, what are you referring to? The sediment delivery ratio part of the model calculates up slope and down slope information for you, you don’t need to prepare this manually.

It looks like you also posted question #2 to this thread, where I responded.

~ Stacie

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Hi @swolny
I have prepared the data for InVEST SDR model to run but one things happens to me is that the watershed and LULC classes data cannot be call on the model what is the problem? both data can be prepared by using ArcGIS10.3.1. if their is any means to prepare both data please show me and in addition if you have any videos which show the steps how to prepare these two data for this model please attach me.lastly if you have any support information contact me by
Thank you in your advise

Hi @Fishbel,
Please attach your complete log file, it has information we need to diagnose the problem. Thanks!

We do not make video tutorials for specific models, but there is a free online course about InVEST that may be helpful. I would also recommend taking the time to get familiar with GIS data and ArcGIS. Free tutorials for that are available online. It will be very helpful for pre- and post-processing.

Hi @Fishbel -

As @esoth said, we do not have any videos or step-by-step instruction for how to create specific data layers, nor do we provide GIS instruction in general. But the free online course does include a section that talks about SDR, and one of our Training Tutorial Videos - InVEST Virtual Workshop 2: Freshwater Quality Model also includes SDR. And a reminder that the User Guide describes the input requirements (and points to global data sources), and we provide sample data so you have an example of how the spatial data should look.

Hopefully the log file will help us understand how to fix the error that you’re currently seeing. I’ll also remind everyone that there is a Search function on the forum, so you can see if anyone else has gotten the same error, and can try the solutions that we’ve suggested.

~ Stacie

This file is what I have done for a paper. After I prepare all the data I try to run the InVEST SDR model but one thing happened to me is that the watersheds and LULC is not accepted by this model. What is the problem?
Thank you for your help

(Attachment m_watershed data.rar is missing)

Hi @Fishbel -

We really need to see the log file (.txt) that is created in your Workspace when the model runs. That will give us a lot more information that might help us understand what is going wrong. Please attach the entire log file to your post, or copy and paste the entire contents of the file into the body of your post - thanks!

~ Stacie

To reach the log file at the begining the watersheds(vector) and the lulc(raster) file cannot be taken by the model because of that i cannot reach on workspace message. So that how can i prepare the watershed and lulc for this model or what is the wrong the model cannot be take this to data because all other parameters or data are accepted by the model.
Thanks for your help!!

Ok, so it sounds like the model is not running at all, but you are seeing an error in the user interface, yes? If so, there should be a red X next to the watersheds and LULC entries, and if you click them it will give you a brief explanation of what is wrong. What do those explanations say?

~ Stacie

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Hi@ swonly
On the SDR model the watershed place and the LULC (raster) data what i prepared is not accepted by the model still i try to prepare the two data still the model cannot accept it on the watershed it say me " it must have the integer field (ws_id) where the values uniquely identified each watershed" so how can i prepare sub watershed and the ws_id code? the second one is that on gis i try code convert the lulc code which are related with the biophysical table still this also have a problem how can i solve it if you have any short video which show briefly these two question please help me. or any one which are partner of this discussion share to me any information.
thank you for your help

Hi @Fishbel,
Your watersheds data needs to be a vector file. The first layer should be a multipolygon geometry with one or more features representing your watersheds/subwatersheds. The layer must have an attribute called “ws_id”. Each watershed feature must have a unique integer value for this attribute. You can see the attributes by looking at the attribute table. Here is a tutorial about adding attribute fields in ArcGIS. Make sure you save the changes to the file you input to InVEST, not just to your ArcGIS project.

For an example of how it should look, download the SDR sample data from this page. The file subwatersheds_gura.shp has the correct format.

What is the error message for your LULC raster (when you hover over the red X)?

The lulc also say that it needs the biophysical table lucode alsobi give to hime,but after i covert to the raster form and when i call to the model the red X is not changed their is unerror…how can i correct

I’m sorry I’m still confused… could you please copy and paste the error message exactly as it appears?

I`m sorry confusing you i want ask you that i try to prepare the watershed data in vector form for SDR model in polygon form of shape file by using GIS and ArcSWAT watershed delineation, but when i add the prepared watershed shape file of my study area the model is cannot access it that means the red “X” is as it. so what can i do? or how can i prepare the watershed/ sub-watersheds to access the model. please if it is possible attach a 5 minute video which show how to prepare the watershed polygons or “ws-id” for this specific model.
Thank you for your help

Hi @ esoth…Great thanks really God Bless you
with you great support now it is okay

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@Fishbel I’m glad you worked it out! If you have any more problems, let us know.

For now i am only have great thanks in the future i hope your support is with me.
Thank you very much!!!

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