SDR output with “Nodata” and warning

I have run the SDR model and finally in the usle and rksl raster map some pixel value is “NoData”.

The log contains the following error message“(osgeo) utils._log_gdal_errors(97) WARNING [errno 1] A geometry of type MULTIPOLYGON is inserted into layer disjoint_vector of geometry type POLYGON, which is not normally allowed by the GeoPackage specification, but the driver will however do it. To create a conformant GeoPackage, if using ogr2ogr, the -nlt option can be used to override the layer geometry type. This warning will no longer be emitted for this combination of layer and feature geometry type.”

Please help me to interpret this result and what is the solution?

Hello @HuuuY, and welcome!

Both of these questions have been discussed many times on this forum. Please use the search function for “SDR NoData” and “multipolygon” and you will see these threads. If they don’t answer your question, let us know why and we’ll try to help further.

~ Stacie