Sediment Delivery Ratio

Hello Friends,
Please I tried to run the sediment delivery ratio model. I got an error feedback saying, cannot read your raster files as GDALl file. Please I need assistance on how to save my raster files in gdal formats in arcMap. Thanks

Hi @apambilla, and welcome to the forum!

When you get an error, it is most helpful if you post a log file (if the model started to run) or a screenshot of your inputs (if the error happens before running the model) so we can have more information to help you.

That GDAL error occurs when we enter a file that is not recognized as a raster (i.e. it is not a file type supported by the GDAL Python raster library). This often happens when you enter a file with the correct filename, but incorrect file type. For example, if it’s the Rainfall erosivity input, the correct input might be “erosivity.tif”, but you may have entered “erosivity.tfw” or “erosivity.tif.xml”, which are not recognized as rasters.

If your rasters are in ESRI GRID format, enter the file “hdr.adf”. In general, I recommend saving in TIFF format instead, since it’s easier to work with in many ways.

Let us know if that helps.

~ Stacie


Many thanks Stacie for your prompt reaction. This really helped. I have been able to resolve the initial file format challenge.
However, I have projected my inputs on WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_30N coordinate system But keep getting errors. It says datasets must have valid projection. what coordinate system works for SDR model?
I am will happy for your help. Thanks

Hi @apambilla -

WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_30N should work just fine. If you’re getting this error when entering data into the user interface, can you take a screenshot showing the inputs you’re using and the error message? That might help a lot for troubleshooting.

~ Stacie