SDR result :reservoir and river areas is “NoData”

I ran the SDR module. In the output result, there was no data in the reservoir and some river areas. I checked the intermediate_outputs, and there also was no data in the “e_prime.tif” and “f.tif”. In the first run, the threshold flow accumulation value is set to 1000, and then I set the value to 10000, but these areas are still “NoData”.
I would like to ask how to solve it. Thank you very much!

Hi @littlelitchi, and welcome to the forum!

Which model result(s) shows NoData in the reservoir and river areas?

The SDR model always gives values of NoData in sed_export.tif where streams are defined, since the model does not include in-stream processes. You can check this by comparing your NoData areas to the model output stream.tif.

If the NoData areas are in places where there are not streams defined, then check your input layers to make sure that they’re not missing data in those areas. For example, soil data often has no values where there are water bodies. If any of your input layers have NoData in a pixel, the result will have NoData as well.

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Hi @swolny, thank you for your reply! I checked the input data and found that the “Soil Erodibility” data is missing data in the same area. I have filled them and the results are normal now. Thanks for your help!


Great @littlelitchi, thanks for letting us know!

~ Stacie

Hi [littlelitchi],

Stream formation may depend on the relationship between TFA and the size of pixels in your MDE layer. I’m using a high definition MDE, 0.3m and my TFA for the streams to look like the real thing is like 10000. Maybe if your MDE doesn’t have a high resolution you should use lower TFA values. Try 1000, 500, 200. The lower my TFA the more streams came.
In the manual they say to try to adjust the TFA using the generated layer stream, comparing it layer with the existing hydrography.

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Hi @brunogeraldimartins, thank you for your reply! My DEM data is 30m×30m. Finally, I set the TAF value to 1000, and the results run well.

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