SDR sed_export results

Hello everybody,

I have a question with my results of Sed_export, when I sum the tons of sed_export.tif they do not coincide with those reported on the watershed results.
I understand that they must be the same or should I do some conversions?

Thanks for your help!!

The value of sed_export in the watershed results table should equal the sum of the pixels in sed_export.tif that fall within the watershed area. The model converts from tons/hectare to tons/pixel, so you should not need do any conversion.

How are you calculating the sum and what are your results?

Thanks for your answer.

What I want to do with my data is to calculate the contribution of land use to the sediments exported in the basin. Therefore, I calculated the ton/ha in the basin (pixel: 20x20), but this does not match the value reported in the watershed results.

Could you tell me the most efficient way to calculate the contribution of land use to the amount of sediments exported?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “the contribution of land use to the amount of sediments exported”. Have you looked at the avoided erosion and avoided export outputs? These quantify the sediment retention service.

Note: output of sed_export.tif is in (ton/pixel/year). If you want to check results of sed_export just open "attribute table in “watershed_results_sdr”. Then navigate to “Sed_export”. Results will be in (ton/year). If you want to access contribution of each LULC to sed_export, import your sed_export.tiff in GIS, then, spatial analyst tool>Zonal>Zonal statististics as table, in the input raster or feature zone data “enter your LULC.tiff”, in the input value raster “enter your sed_export”. Click Ok and enjoy. Note: Multiply “pixel count with mean value of each LULC”. all the best.