Seasonal WY error before run


I get the attached error message when running the Seasonal WY model. Before that, the Water Yield model managed to run without problems with almost the same data set and got super results. But in case of SWY something is wrong. I have also tried to run the model with the newest version, but it doesn’t worked.
I’m afraid it might be a simple mistake. But unfortunately I haven’t come up with the problem yet.
Do you have any ideas / advice what might be the solution?

Thanks in advance!

I managed to solve the problem as I thought a banal thing was in the background: the biophysical table encoding was a UTF-8 BOM type, I switched it to UTF-8 so it’s working.

Great to hear that the BOM was the issue here, and thanks for letting us know! We’re just about to release a new version of InVEST that we believe will fix the BOM issue across InVEST, so hopefully this won’t be a big issue for much longer.