Seasonal Water Yield problems (with the LULC or biophysical table?)

I had a problem with running SWY. I attached the log file. While browsing the net, I found a solution on the previous forum, but I followed the suggestions outlined there without solving the problem in my case.
Could you help me, what’s the solution?

The previous forum topic:

Thank you in advance!

InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2019-05-09–01_04_52.txt (9.1 KB)

Hi Bence -

Thanks for posting the log file, and bonus points for trying solutions from previous forum posts!

I don’t know offhand what that error means, but your’re right that it likely has something to do with the biophysical table or LULC, or perhaps the hydrologic soil group raster, since all 3 of these are used in creating the curve number (CN) raster. Along with the suggestions you’ve tried from the previous forum post (which presumably include making sure all LULC codes are in the biophysical table and there’s not something funny happening with NoData), have you made sure that the soil group raster only has values 1-4? Oh, and also make sure that the biophysical table doesn’t have a blank line at the end (look in a text editor, not Excel), I’ve had that cause some odd problems.

@rich or @jdouglass, can you use your secret decoder rings to translate the IndexError? If we don’t hear from them soon, and these other suggestions don’t help, I’ll check out your data and try to debug.

~ Stacie

Hi Stacie,

Thank you very much! I haven’t check the last blank row error in Notepad previously, I had removed it, then SWY model ran succesfully without any error messages. I’m really happy about that, thanks again!


Excellent! Glad to hear it was that easy (if obscure…)

~ Stacie