Specify radius and height in 'Features Impacting Scenic Quality'

Hi. I have a question while using the Scenic Quality model.

Among the input items, it is written in the guide that the radius and height can be specified through the field in ‘Features Impacting Scenic Quality’. Does the field mentioned here refer to adding a field to the attribute table of GIS? How can I specify radius and height via fields?

I hope for a quick reply.

thank you

Hello @JUKYUNG and welcome to the forums!

Yes, the model allows you to specify the radius and height for each point feature. To do this, you would add a field to the attribute table in GIS. To define the radius, you would create a RADIUS field, and set a radius (in m) for each feature. To define the height of each feature, you would create a HEIGHT field and set a height (in m) for each feature.

Hope this helps,

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