Require data for Habitat Quality model

Hello, everyone. My name wanny, I’m a student from Thailand. This is my first time using the Habitat quality model. I meet a problem when I was trying to do Habitat Quality, I’m not sure about my data is correct. I have got the data from my country but I’m not sure which data need to create the TIF file? and I really wish somebody can suggest to me. Thanks for your help.
Please see the picture about my data.

Hi @wanny, and welcome to the forum!

There are several rasters required by the Habitat Quality model - a land cover map and one or more threat maps. You can read about the requirements for these inputs in the Data Needs section of the User Guide. I also advise looking at the sample data that you may have installed when you installed InVEST, which will show you what each input needs to look like. If you did not install sample data, you can download it here.

The table you show looks like it’s a land use/land cover map in polygon format. If you want to use that as the land cover input to the Habitat Quality model, you will need to convert it to a raster, and create the sensitivity table that contains model parameters related to each land cover type.

~ Stacie

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@swolny Thanks for reply me back. I will following with your suggestions.