The habitat quality model IndexError

I run habitat quality model and got the error:
IndexError: index 36 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 36

I guess the reason is my data is to big, but Im not sure. I dont know what is the limit of the model (number of collums x n of rows). Could you please help me.
I attached my data with detail logs.
Thank you
habitatQuality (2.5 MB)

Hi @gis4sd,

It looks like the landcover raster LU151.tif does not have a defined nodata value, which appears to be 128. Thus when the model attempts to map sensitivity values to the landcover codes it is assuming that 128 is a value that should also be mapped with a sensitivity value. Since there is no corresponding row in Sentivity_2.csv for 128 it is failing with a not very helpful message.

SO, could you define the nodata value in your landcover raster to be 128 and try re-running the model?



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Hi Doug
The model run after I define the nodata value to 128 as your advise.
Thank you very much,
Ngo Dang T

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