Habitat Quality:Do not have corresponding entries in the value map Error

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I used the latest version of the INVEST model software to calculate the habitat quality module. I divided the land-use type raster image into six categories, assigned a value of ‘Nodata’ to 0, and extracted each threat source into a file in TIF format (this threat type is 1, other areas are 0) , and they are correctly expressed in the threat and sensitivity factor tables. But on the run, the model reported an error as shown in the image I uploaded, which seemed to come from an error in my land-use type file, but I have checked that my ‘value’ is correct, can setting a field type to a short integer solve this problem?

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InVEST-natcap.invest.habitat_quality-log-2023-12-12–18_00_39.txt (7.2 KB)

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pygeoprocessing.geoprocessing.ReclassificationMissingValuesError: The following 1 raster values [0] from “S:\HabitatQuality_ForGuozhong\Result\intermediate\LUCC2000_FullNodata_aligned_2000.tif” do not have corresponding entries in the value map: {1: 0.5, 2: 0.9, 3: 0.5, 4: 0.9, 5: 0.0, 6: 0.0}.

It looks like the LULC raster might not have it’s nodata set to 0.0. Could you make sure that when you open your LULC raster in GIS that the nodata is listed as 0?



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Hello there~
Thank you for your answer! I have solved this problem through my constant attempts! As you said, in the event of this problem, i assigned the ‘nodata’ value to’ 0’ for all the areas outside the study area in the TIF images for land use (because I saw others doing this in the tutorials in other forums) . In fact, the version he uses is very old, and this step is not required in the new model calculations) , i input the original ‘Nodata’ land-use image and the model works. Thank you very much for your answer, our communication will help future people to make better use of the Model!
Love from China

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