The habitat quality model result is strange

I do not understand why, my result from the habitat quality model (quality_c.tif) has values of 0; 1 for the entire study area.
I have attached the data. Please help me.
Thanks you so much. (1.4 MB)

That does sound unexpected. Could you attach your logfile here as well so we can take a closer look?


Hi James,

I send you herewith the log file InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2020-07-02–09_04_55.txt (22.4 KB)

Thank you very much for you support.

I have just investigated my output file, it is not [0;1] BUT it is 0 (for non-habitat) and other values in [0.993-1]. It is still sound unexpected because the impact from my data is high, (I tried to increase the impact in csv files, the result is not noticeable change)

The model run very fast with my data (around some minutes). Could you please try to run the model on your computer with my data ? (2.8 MB)

Hi @gis4sd,

Did you try updating the half saturation constant k? See this post here: Habitat Quality output - interpreting values.

The User’s Guide for the model mentions:

“In general, you want to set k (the half saturation constant) to half of the highest grid cell degradation value on the landscape. To perform this model calibration you will have to the run the model once to find the highest degradation value and set k for your landscape.”

Do you think you could try that and see if the values appear more reasonable?


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Thank you very much for your advise.
I have forgotten to change the k constant.
I am running with my original data, a little bit slow. I will post the result on next Monday.
Thank you.

I got model result. It is what I expected.
Thank you very much

That’s great! Thanks for the update.


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