Habitat Quality output - interpreting values

Hi, I’m using InVEST 3.8.2 for the assessment of ecosystem services.
I’ve run the habitat quality model.
However, I’ve a problem with the output files. I got two files(“quality_c” and “deg_sum_c”).
I don’t know how to get habitat quality’s average. Also, Is it noramal shape of habitat quality output data?

Thank you in advance for the help

Hi @soo,

Thanks for posting. It’s hard to know what reasonable outputs should be without knowing what the inputs are. You might find this post really useful: Habitat Quality, output raster looks strange and output values have no intermediate values.

From that post there is a reminder that the user should run the model twice, adjusting the half saturation constant.

“In general, you want to set k (the half saturation constant) to half of the highest grid cell degradation value on the landscape. To perform this model calibration you will have to the run the model once to find the highest degradation value and set k for your landscape.”

Hope this helps,


Hi I have also problem in HQ model . I run this model using major three Threat but I got this message. image . I am using following threat and sensitivity parameters.

Hi @SRN,

It looks like this thread/topic is about interpreting output results and your question is a bit different. Do you mind posting this to a new thread/topic and we can troubleshoot there? Thanks.