The result of running SDR of InVEST 3.8.2 is not complete

First,Im new to INVEST,I got a problem here.When the SDR modle finished,I just got those result , there is no sed_export.tif/usle.tif/sed_retention_index.tif/watershed_results_sdr.shp,and the values of stream.tif are zero. I think there is a problem with it.
so,maybe anyone could help me out .
thank you for your time!

Hi @eva -

Well that is strange. It would be helpful if you would please post the logfile (.txt) that is created in the Workspace, so we can see if any errors or warnings occurred while running the model. Thanks!

~ Stacie

Yeah,sure. Thanks for your reply!

Have a good day!


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InVEST-Sediment-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(SDR)-log-2020-07-02–12_59_35.txt (154 KB)

Thanks for posting the log file, @eva. When something goes wrong, the first thing to do is look through this log file for errors. And we see this:

ValueError: The following 11 raster values [212 321 341 413 421 431 512 611 632 711 713] from “D:/2020项目/黄河中游水土保持评估/工程及文件/模型运行\intermediate_outputs\churn_dir_not_for_humans\aligned_lulc.tif” do not have corresponding entries in the value_map: {1.0: 0.005, 2.0: 0.005, 3.0: 0.3, 4.0: 0.2, 5.0: 0.15, 6.0: 0.0, 7.0: 0.5, 8.0: 1.0}

Then do a search on this forum to see if others have had a similar error. For example, check out this post and see if any of the suggestions help you. If not, let us know what you tried and we’ll be happy to help.

~ Stacie

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First of all,Im sorry for replying so late .Than ,the good news is that I figured it out the reason of occurring error is that format of biophysical table was wrong.
But the value of stream.tif is still from zero to zero, except for that ,others all have values ,and they are seams all right. so could you tell me why the values of tream.tif still are zero? And could I use the rest of results? It will be of great help to me If you can reply again,thanks again!