Urban cooling model error


I’m having problems getting the sample urban cooling model to run - it fails almost instantly with the error “could not convert string to float”.

Any ideas what is going wrong here?

Version is the new 3.8.0, log attached.

InVEST-Urban-Cooling-Model-log-2020-02-20–18_32_27.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi Joe, thanks for reporting this.

It looks like this happens when one of Shade, Albedo, or Evapotranspiration Index is left blank. If you reload the sample data they should populate with the default values again, or you can enter values manually.

That’s a bug we’ll fix, since the user interface shouldn’t let you click run with blank fields there.

i have a problem in the map of building footprint. i got error dataset have a valid project.
any idea what is the meaning?


Hi @idithoo,

Could you post a new topic / thread? It seems like this one is resolved and does not relate to your question. Thanks!