Urban Cooling model taking a really long time to parameterize


I’ve run the Urban Cooling model quite a number of times now, and I have noticed that with time changing any of the parameters such as changing the workspace folder or the cooling distance would take a really long time (20 minutes or more). Is there anything I can do to speed this up?

I have tried uninstalling/installing but this has not helped.

Could you please advise?
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OK, to solve this it is just enough to go to Edit–>Clear parameter cache!

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Hi @JoZ,

Thanks for posting and I’m glad you were able to find a fix. Could you provide more information on the slow downs you were seeing when running InVEST multiple times?

Typically with newer InVEST versions, the first run of an input parameter set should take the longest, and subsequent runs using the same input parameters should be much faster, as the model avoids repeat calculations if possible. If you were changing some parameters but keeping the same workspace the model should not take any longer than previously (unless using larger GIS datasets). However, if you switch workspaces, then the model would not try and avoid pre-calculated results and take longer.

In any event, I don’t think the cache should be a slow down point, and if it is we might have a bug!



Hi Doug,

it was not a matter of the models taking more time to run but the time it took to set them up, such as navigating to a different input file or changing cooling distances. The model just would go into non-responsive mode for minutes and minutes, nearing half hour after just clicking in a box for a parameter.

I was using different workspaces, however, with some of the inputs being common across runs, changing just the cooling distance. I ran the model 72 times, with a few instances running at a time, which worked OK. It was just the setting the model up before clicking on Run was the problem!

Hope that helps,

Ah, thanks for clarifying Joanna! If I could ask one more question, were your input files hosted locally or on an external drive / cloud hosting?

Thanks for helping us build a better InVEST!


I had all my inputs hosted locally.
Glad I could help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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