Urban Cooling Module still generating errors on Air T

I continue to have problems executing the Urban Cooling module, which we want to use to model temperature reductions scenarios from introducing a linear urban forest and its growth potential over time. I have consulted folks knowledgeable about GIS, so the files appear correct. However, we continue to get error messages before the program finishes its run, this time related to Air T input rather than the maps. (ERROR Something went wrong when adding task calculate T air (12), terminating taskgraph). Our temperature reference value is 0.59, which may be the problem.

Happy to attach our files and output log if requested. Thank you,

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Yes, at a minimum please always attach your logfile. Thank you.

InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_cooling_model-log-2023-10-03–16_27_08.txt (10.2 KB)

Dave, thanks for acknowledging my message to NCP. Attached is the log file of my model run that generated the Air T error. I have all input files if at some point it helps to examine them, but here’s the screenshot of the model inputs I did use. I am a weak modeler but have used InVEST successfully in the past, so I am still hopeful the Urban Cooling model can be applied here. Thank you,

Dave, here is the actual input file I used for the model run discussed above.
Look forward to your feedback.

Thank you @lptomasso , this is very helpful to see the exact error message and the specific version of invest you are using. This looks like a tricky error where we will need your input data in order to reproduce and debug it.

If you wish, you can use the “Save as” button in the Workbench to save “Parameters and Data” to a single compressed archive. And then share that via google drive, or something similar.

Thank you,

Hi Dave,

I saved and compressed the data files as specified below, though I had trouble uploading as a google file. Here is the attached file, with apologies for not knowing how to transfer to you otherwise.


(Attachment invest_urban_cooling_model_datastack.tgz is missing)

Hi @lptomasso , thank you. It appears the attachment did not work. This could happen if it did not finish uploading before you submitted your message.

What size is the .tgz file? If it is very large, we might have to rely on another service like google drive, dropbox, or something else.

Hi Dave,
Hopefully third time sending will be the charm. I’ve uploaded the zip file of the data & parameters to google drive, adding anyone (i.e., you) with link to be an editor. Please LMK if you are able to access, with advanced thanks for your help in trouble-shooting the platform errors.

Hi @lptomasso , thanks for sharing your data again. I was able to download and run the model using your same data and parameters. I used the latest version of InVEST (3.14.0) and did not get any errors. The model completed and the results look reasonable.

Can you try the latest version? InVEST Downloads & Data Sources

Otherwise I would view all your input data in GIS and make sure they all look reasonable. The evapotranspiration layer in particular has a kind of strange coordinate reference system that may not be interpreted correctly by all GIS software. Although it seemed to be okay for the latest version of InVEST.

Hi Dave,

We are making slow progress finally! I downloaded most recent InVEST 3.14.0 version of Invest and got the model to run without error. Thanks for this helpful advice. For that “proof of concept” run, I used a city-wide LULC map, here for Springfield, MA. I would now like to hone in on the neighborhoods where nature-based urban forests are proposed as a UHI-reduction intervention. See:

When I upload the neighborhood LULC clips off of ArcGIS, they show up as aprx files, generating this error:

  1. Not sure how to accommodate a clipped file to model before-after heat scenarios.
  2. Not sure how to interpret the different file layers (albedo, cc, hm, etc) once they are generated. Is there a guide for that?
    Sorry to be so needful of help, though I am convinced this is the best modeling platform for what we are attempting in terms of NBS for UHI. Thank you again.

Good to hear progress is being made!

According to ESRI, an .aprx file is an ArcGIS Pro Project file, not an individual dataset. I’m not too familiar with Arc, but I’m guessing you saved the “map project” to an .aprx file instead of saving/exporting the neighborhood layer to a shapefile, geopackage, or other vector format. The Area of Interest should be a polygon vector dataset

I would start at the User’s Guide, though I recognize that it can be difficult to decipher at times. I also searched this forum for posts with the urban-cooling tag using the keyword “interpret” and their appear to be some relevant discussions here already. Search results for 'interpret tags:urban-cooling' - Natural Capital Project Online Community

More progress being made! I reconfigured the neighborhood layer to a shapefile and was able to model the urban heat profile with InVEST as a before-intervention base of comparison. This should launch our project well. Thank you for all of your help this week!

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