ValueError in Carbon Model 'value_map'

log file.txt (6.6 KB)
I have uploaded my log file. I have prepared the raster map and accordingly the biophysical table. But the operation says
“ValueError: The following 1 raster values [0] from “D:/2. PHD works/study area, Korea/LULC_2010cor.tif” do not have corresponding entries in the value_map: {1L: 0.0, 2L: 0.0, 3L: 0.0, 4L: 0.63, 5L: 0.54000000000000004, 6L: 8.0999999999999996, 7L: 0.27000000000000002, 127.0: -1.0}
09/23/2019 13:47:25 natcap.invest.ui.execution INFO Execution finished”
Can somebody please help me exxplaining what could be reason for this?

Please see this post for a solution to the same problem. In your case the value 0 appears in your raster but is absent from the carbon pools CSV table.