ValueError: the pixel sizes of [‘lulc_cur_path’, ‘lulc_fut_path’] are not equivalent

Hello? how i clear this error?

09/18/2023 10:46:16 natcap.invest.utils ERROR Exception while executing natcap.invest.carbon
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “natcap\invest\”, line 164, in prepare_workspace
File “invest\”, line 486, in main
File “natcap\invest\”, line 310, in execute
ValueError: the pixel sizes of [‘lulc_cur_path’, ‘lulc_fut_path’] are not equivalent. Here are the different sets that were found in processing: {(113.63944156207, -113.63944156207002), (113.638957007681, -113.63895700768096)}

Welcome to the forum @Nasan!

The error is saying that the pixel sizes of your two input land use/land cover rasters are not exactly the same (they’re sure close, but not exact). But they need to be exactly same for the model to run. So you’ll need to use a GIS tool like Warp (QGIS) or Resample (ArcGIS) to set them to exactly the same pixel size. I find it to be useful to keep my rasters in pixel sizes that are round numbers, like 30m, 90m 250m etc, so it’s easy to compare them.

And I’m noticing that this requirement is not listed in the User Guide, so I’ll go add that now.

~ Stacie

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