Video trainning for coastal blue carbon, visitation, and scenic quality

Dear Natural Capital community,

I am here to look for video trainning for coastal blue carbon model, visitation: recreation and tourism model, and scenic quality model.

is there any video trainning for these models?

Thanks in advanced.

Hello @suzhen and welcome to the forums!

You’ll find a video training tutorial for the Recreation and Tourism model on Youtube here: Introduction to the InVEST Tourism & Recreation Model - YouTube

I am unaware of any video trainings on the Coastal Blue Carbon or Scenic Quality models, but there are always the user’s guide chapters as a good reference:

Please let us know if you have any questions,

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Also a reminder that we provide sample data for all of the models, so you can see how the data should be formatted. If you’re using the InVEST Workbench, these can be installed via the Settings button in the Workbench interface.

~ Stacie