Coastal Blue Carbon- summary table?

Hello Community,

I have a problem with the InVEST coastal blue carbon model. I was able to successfully run the model, but I only got .tif files as outputs. I do not have a summary of these files, that shows e.g. overall carbon sequestration of my study site. Is there a way to find this out? Or is there anything I can do to get a summary of the files?

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Hi Fiona,

It’s true that the Coastal Blue Carbon model does not directly output summary statistics like what you’re describing. There is an output raster, however, representing the total carbon sequestration between the min and max study years in units of megatons/hectare. In a GIS tool like QGIS or ArcGIS you could use a raster calculator to convert the units from megatons/hectare to megatons/pixel and then calculate the sum of all the converted pixel values. I assume that’s what you’re looking for?

Hope this helps!

Hi James,

Thank you incredibly much - this was very helpful!


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