Visitation model

Hello, friends! got some little question about visitation model. In guide you youse years from 2005 to 2017, can i use another years? 2001-2020 or else?

Hi @Cadaster,

Unfortunately only the 2005 - 2017 range, and ranges within those years are available for the model. @dave posted about this in another thread you can read here: Recreation model data availability



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Dear @dcdenu4

How long does it take to run Recreation Model?
Just download Version 3.8.9
I’ve been trying to run recreation model with no regression checked, no PUD so far, and it have been 4 hours passed.

Very confused,

Hi @Yoyo

Thanks for posting to the forums. We noticed that the recreation server might have been down the past few days. We just restarted it now. Could you try running the model again and let us know how it goes?




We are currently troubleshooting an issue with the Visitation Recreation Server where a bad Area of Interest is causing the server side script to crash. I’ll post back when we think the server is stable again. More soon.


Thanks for the report @Yoyo. Please go ahead and try running the model again. If for some reason you still get stuck on “Contacting server, please wait”, please share your logfile and AOI with us here and that will help us troubleshoot further.