Rec Model contacting server

Good morning, I’m running the rec model and it is seems to have trouble connecting to the server to run the analysis. Wondering if the issue is on the sending or receiving end. It keeps trying to contact and never does. Thanks! Eric

Hi Eric!

Looks like the recreation server was down. We just got it back up and running. Could you try giving it another go? Keep us posted.



Hey Eric,

We are currently troubleshooting an issue with the Visitation Recreation Server where a bad Area of Interest is causing the server side script to crash. I’ll post back when we think the server is stable again. More soon.


Hi Eric @lons0011, It would be great if you could try running the model again now. The server is back online.

If for some reason you still get stuck on “Contacting server, please wait”, it could help to see your AOI. You could zip it and attach it here or send me an email/private message. Thanks for the report!

HI Dave, all seems good now - ran smoothly and successfully! Thanks a bunch!! Eric

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