Water yield bounding boxes donot intersect

When I put the precipitation and depth to root restricting layer data, this model shows bounding boxes donot intersect.I have been working on this probelmfor a long time.Thank you for your time.
data.zip (271.5 KB)

Hi @fiona ,

From what I can tell the rasters you posted have a custom or generic projection of WGS_1984_Albers. I’m not sure why, but QGIS is showing these layers right on top of each other, when in fact the blh_pre2000.tif does not intersect the other two.

Bounding box for raster extents as [xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax]:

[4221282.61, 3709934.63, 4464405.61, 4002339.64] - blh_pre2000.tif
[221282.61, 3709934.63, 464405.61, 4002339.64]
[221282.61, 3712160.58, 464405.61, 4002339.64]

You’ll notice that the first rasters extents have an extra digit for the xmin and xmax extent.

I think this is your problem.



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Thank you very much.

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