Annual water yield model intersection error?

Dear Nat Cap Team,
I am working with the Invest 3.7.0 water yield model.
Im receiving an error during the run of a Water Yield model.
Attached you can find the log file.
Thank you in advance for the help!
InVEST-Hydropower-Water-Yield-log-2020-03-02–11_59_26.txt (4.5 KB)

Hi @lucy,

Thanks for including the log file in your post. It looks like some of the inputs don’t overlap or intersect in GIS space. Could you check that the eto, precipitation, depth_to_root_rest_layer_path, pawc, lulc rasters do indeed have a common intersection. We usually like to use QGIS or ArcGIS and load our raster files in to see how they compare spatially.

Let us know how it goes and if we can help further!


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Hi @lucy -

Also check the coordinate system that is set for each input layer. All input layers must have the same projected coordinate system, and it looks like at least one of them is different (if you look at the “Base list” of coordinates shown in the log file, you’ll see the different values.) I’m not sure about QGIS, but ArcGIS can be confusing, since even if layers are in different coordinate systems, it will try to make them overlap spatially anyway, so it’s not obvious when you just look at the layers. Try reprojecting/Warping the layers with different coordinate systems and see if that helps.

~ Stacie


Hi Doug,

Thanks for your quick response!
Yes,We usually use ArcGIS to finish the drawing.
I will check the coordinates and projection formats of the relevant data and consult you in time if there are any questions.Thank you very much!


Hi Stacte,

Thanks for your quick response!
The problem you mentioned is very helpful to me, I will sort out the problems you mentioned one by one.
If I have any questions, I will communicate with you as soon as possible, thank you very much for your guidance.