Water Yield output error

I’m receiving the error to Annual Water Yield
“KeyError: ‘do_scarcity_and_valuation’”

How can I solve that problem?

Hi @soo -

When you get an error, it is often helpful if you post the entire log file (.txt) that the model creates in your Workspace. That gives us more information to work with, like the version of InVEST, the inputs you selected, and there may be other warnings or errors that help us understand what’s happening.

One thing that comes to mind: Did you check the box next to “Water Scarcity and Valuation”? If so, did you enter inputs for the Water Demand Table and Hydropower Valuation Table? If you check the Water Scarcity box, you need to enter those two table inputs. If you do not want to do Scarcity/Valuation, then uncheck the Water Scarcity and Valuation box.

~ Stacie

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Hi @soo,
I would need to see the entire log file to confirm, but it looks like this may actually be a bug introduced in version 3.8.8. If that’s the version you’re using, I would recommend you try version 3.8.7 instead. Sorry for the trouble!