Water yield verification

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I have a question regarding the vertification of the result output by water yield model. What are the specific methods to verify this result? At present, I have the runoff data of hydrological stations, I wonder if I can use this data to verify it?Or is the annual runoff data of the hydrological station equivalent to the grid data of annual water output?
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Hi @sunsiqi -

Yes, if you have long-term hydrological station data, you can use that to compare with the wyield model results. Have you checked out the Calibration of Water Yield Model section of the User Guide? It talks about this, and points to a couple of papers that provide detail about doing a sensitivity analysis first, so you know which model parameters to adjust during calibration. If you have specific questions about the process after reading these, let us know.

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Thank you very much! I will look up the user Guide carefully.

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