Wave energy table and indexing

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Hello. I will be grateful if you could help on how to add new rows to the table used in wave energy module. I am trying to assess wave energy for the southern caspian sea and for this area I have points for wave height_ wave period and depth. I reckon the indexing here is and issue for me.
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Hi @rassoul , thanks for you question. Unfortunately it looks like the WaveWatch3 data provided with this model is in a binary format, which makes it quite difficult to modify it or substitute your own data for it. I’m afraid it just wasn’t designed with that in mind. I’ll ask around if any of my colleagues have other suggestions though.

Also, please let me know if you were not asking about the WaveWatch3 data, but about one of the other input CSV tables used by the model.


Hi Dave,
Thanks alot for your fast rely. I am using data on the Caspian Sea and and CSV files seem to be OK, and am trying to provide a point file of the area along with its attribute table including Lat, Long, I, J, Havg and Tavg. The question is how the model indexes the cells over the globe and if I try to provide my own model, how I can input my I and J in the data table?

Even running the sample data for wave energy with the default files throws error:
File “natcap\invest\utils.py”, line 164, in prepare_workspace
File “invest\cli.py”, line 469, in main
File “natcap\invest\wave_energy.py”, line 779, in execute
File “natcap\invest\utils.py”, line 745, in read_csv_to_dataframe
File “natcap\invest\utils.py”, line 997, in has_utf8_bom
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘’


Dear Dave,
I also attach a screen shot of the error I get when running default wave energy assessment.

Hi @rassoul , can you please upload the logfile found in the output workspace folder? It will have more details that can help us debug this new error.

Also, I’m not sure if the screenshot is missing something that was cutoff? It does not indicate any errors.

I think the critical problem here is that along with the point shapefile, the model is also using data stored in a binary file, for example, Global_WW3.txt.bin and joining the two based on some of those fields you mention, I think. Unfortunately I don’t really know the structure of that binary file.

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