WaveWatch 3 Data

Hello! Try to create personal data for Coastal Vulnerability Model, and stuck with WaveWatch 3 data. i have some data for waves (from local department), but i only have 1 direction. maybe i dont understand some parts of manual, but how i must obtain the all 16 direction for waves? And maybe someone have manual how open WW3 Data from official site.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!!!

Hi @BatTerZ -

Unless you have a specific need to use your own wave data, we highly recommend using the WaveWatch 3 data, which is included globally in the InVEST sample data for Coastal Vulnerability. If you use that layer, it needs no preparation, just use it directly as input to the model.

If you do actually want to create your own wave data, you will need more than one direction, the User Guide provides some information about how to process it, and I think there are other related forum posts that might provide more guidance.

~ Stacie

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Hi! THX, but sample data does not have a Baltic Sea. We have a local internet base that use WW3 data, but they provide 1 direction.

Hi @BatTerZ,

I saw a post where @annaporcile was looking to create local data for Mediterranean Sea, perhaps they could share any insights they found.

As Stacie mentioned, there is some instruction provided in the User’s Guide.

~ Doug

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Thanks all. i will try =)

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