WAVEWATCH data for Aegean sea

Hello everyone!
I am trying to evaluate the coastal risk of Lesvos island, Greece, using the Coastal Vulnerability programm. It is said that the wind and wave (WAVEWATCH) data that is given is global but it doesn’t cover the Aegean sea. Does anyone have this data and could please send it to me?

Thanks in advance!


@mvitelletti and @Thodoris , I think you both may have been working on creating the wind & wave data needed by this model for the Mediterranean? Do you have any advice on where to acquire the data?

Dear @dave, actually I am not in possess of these data. Indeed, by using R scripts and by usign italian National Tidegauge Network I was able to create frequency and fetch wind data but I do not know how to calculate and recreate the extact 16 column for each variable as requested by the model.